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Our Philosophy

There is nothing that cannot be done, you need only the right minds and technology.

Welcome to a world where agritech meets groundbreaking innovation. Dive into a realm where we merge precision agriculture, AI, robotics, and pure ingenuity to reshape the primary production landscape. From small businesses to innovators, our solutions cater to a spectrum of visionaries ready to redefine the future. Ready to embark on this journey? Let’s redefine what’s possible together.

Our Mission

The solution to your agritech challenge is within our capacity to solve. We collaborate with industry leaders with extensive established networks and our eye always on the horizon for new partnerships. MAF Digital Lab (MAFDL) is positioned and driven to be the pivotal agritech solutions leader.

MAF Digital Lab is in a unique position to anticipate, create and capture technology innovations to gain a competitive advantage in the global agri-business landscape and take a lead in improving the future for these diverse industries.

We will discover the solution you need.

MAF Digital Lab is a solution focussed research centre developing applications of advanced technology within the primary production, agricultural and food supply chain. The group unites and leverages diverse capability in precision agriculture, primary production science, horticulture supply chains, sensor technology, robotics, AI and data science.

We develop technology along supply chains from primary production to in market solutions.

We support next generation leaders in current and emerging fields of agritech.

We are positioned and driven to be the pivotal agritech-solutions provider.

MAF Digital Lab (MAFDL)

with its open, modern facility aims to foster cross-disciplinary solutions and out-of-the-box thinking, cultivating the melding of skills and approaches to create the solutions of the future for today’s complex challenges.

Meet Our Awesome Team

From our humble beginnings, MAF Digital Lab has always been about more than just technology. It’s about creating leaders, establishing startups, and fostering innovation in every grain of soil. As we transition to Manawatu Agrifood Digital Lab, our spirit of nurturing startups and leading the agritech revolution remains unwavering.

Meet the MAF Digital Lab team who are taking the lead on improving the future for the agritech industry.

Johan Potgieter

Johan is a Professor of robotics within MAF Digital Lab. His current research interests are mainly in the areas of additive manufacturing, sustainable product development and advanced mechatronics/robotics with applications in AgriTech.

Benoit Guieysse

Benoit is a Professor of Bioprocess Engineering with special focus on environmental and microalgae biotechnologies. His current research includes fundamental interests such as the study of polyphosphate synthesis in microalgae and industry-sponsored research in wastewater biological treatment and novel food production.

Chris Hamling

Chris is an experienced engineer who specialises in networked embedded systems and product development. He is passionate about the role STEM plays in the developing knowledge economy and provides leadership to many engineering projects being undertaken. Previously Chris provided leadership of the VEX robotics competition to New Zealand.

Gabe Redding

Gabes’ research focus is in the area of applying mathematical modelling, artificial intelligence and synthetic data to gain insight into and optimise biological systems. He has worked on projects across a broad range of application areas including assisted reproduction, sports analytics, product packaging, and supply chain efficiency and optimisation.

Jean-Henri Odendaal

Jay specialises in the development of 4D printing technology with biomaterials and subsequently the associated materials science. He forms a part of the SfTi National Science 3D / 4D printing spearhead and has links with Scion, GNS Science and the Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab at the University of Auckland.

We are not a typical research and innovations group.

We utilise the experience of our team to provide a full-spectrum solution to our clients including research, innovation, development and commercialisation.

Agritech is a complex and exciting sector that is currently experiencing unprecedented transformational influences from; advances in technology, climate change, food security and sustainability performance expectations of an increasingly vocal ‘social voice’ throughout the world.

MAFDL believes in the need to create and support next-generation leaders in current and emerging fields of the agritech and manufacturing sectors. The group supports a large post-graduate student cohort with the support of industry-based scholarships and projects.

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Advanced Robotics

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